Laboratoire de Chémoinformatique – UMR 7140 CNRS

Strasbourg Summer School in Chemoinformatics – 2020

7th Edition of the CS3 – 2020

Most of lectures announced for the summer school 2020 have been delivered online. See the Program section.

You can ask your questions by mail using this email address :

The following topics are suggested for the scientific program :

  • Big Data in Chemistry
  • In silico pharmacology
  • Material Informatics
  • Text mining in chemistry
  • Virtual screening techniques
  • Deep learning
  • Data analysis and visualization

Confirmed lecturers :

  • J. Bajorath (Univ. Bonn, Germany)
  • T. Langer (Univ. Vienna, Austria)
  • C. Sotriffer (Univ. Wuerzburg, Germany)
  • A. Tropsha (Univ. North Carolina, Chappel Hill, USA)
  • K. Funatsu (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
  • J. Medina-Franco (Univ. Mexico)
  • J. Kirchmair (Univ. Vienna, Austria)
  • R. Glen (Univ. Cambridge, UK)
  • H. Senderowitz (Univ. Bar Ilan, Israel)
  • R. Sayle (NextMove Software, UK)
  • O. Taboureau (Univ. Paris Diderot, France)
  • O. Engkvist (ASTRAZENECA)
  • A. Oganov (Skoltech Univ., Moscow, Russia)
  • M. Rarey (Univ. Hamburg, Germany)
  • A. Cherkasov (Univ. British Columbia, Canada)